The Author

James BuchananWith no accreditation or certification in the sciences surrounding environmental issues, I contend that credentials are not a prerequisite to making a positive contribution in the fight for a clean environment. The environment is fundementally a common-sense issue.

For those who insist on credentials; many accredited people around the world, all of whom are much smarter than I, have already proven unequivocally the severity of the issues reported here.

As an individual deeply concerned about the future of humanity and the health of our planet, I feel a great responsibility, indeed as everyone should, to act with urgency to bring about the social, economic and political changes necessary to ensure the continued survival of our species.

Please consider this blog my personal invitation to you to become involved in the solutions to these issues. At their heart, they simultaneously represent man’s most critical challenge and his greatest opportunity… ever.

Declaration of Awareness

… just so you know.

4 Responses to The Author

  1. Jay Anolik says:

    You know I have always wondered about this. We have the technology to create incredible sustainable amounts of heat, thousands of degrees. I don’t understand why we don’t put our garbage through it. It would burn just about (anything) to ash including the gases it would produce .This is a pretty simplistic view on this but , I have never really had anyone to give me an answer on this topic.

    • It’s a great question Jay. I think it has a lot to do with ‘zero gain’. There isn’t enough monetary incentive to invest in those technologies and since we’re all about growth, it’s another case of corporate ‘what’s in it for me?’ Environmental costs (degradation) are always externalized because there is no accounting column in our contrived economic formulas. We are so indoctrinated to believe that we must feed the almighty economy, we forget that it is a human contrivance, devoid of any responsibility to the health and long term sustainability of our planetary system. Only when we disconnect from the economy as we know it and begin to consider these environmental costs as our most important criteria for future decision making will it begin to make any sense whatsoever.
      Say hi to Sis’ for me. Cheers.

      • Jay Anolik says:

        I know what you are saying but, what comes into mind is “Goverment Contract”. One would think that with all the hoop la over the Green way of thinking now a day’s and compounded with the Kyoto accord that some thing like this would be a an industry that would be welcome in the world today. A company having a contract of this sort would be worth Millions especially if you are the only one that has the technology to do this, whole countries would be shipping all thier waste to you at a substantial fee. It would be an unlimited resource.

      • I think the sad truth is that there are far more ‘back-room’ politics than we’re ready to admit. Corporate lobbying by big oil subverts governmental decision-making to provide huge tax breaks putting the money right back into the pockets of big oil. The true gatekeepers aren’t the politicians… they are the ruling rich elite of the biggest corporations in the world. They can’t make near the money off of environmental concerns that they do off of oil and therefore don’t give a damn about the environment.
        The good news is that many European countries have not waited for bigger countries to lead the way where more sustainable energy sources are concerned. Read some of The Trottier Energy Futures Project.pdf and see what is happening behind the scenes in Canada’s Energy Future. We have to make the change we want to see.. we can’t wait for politicians to lead the way. They aren’t trained to lead. They’re trained to make laws and speeches.

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