Is there something wrong?

Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you removed yourself from the everyday… to return to an area of pristine natural beauty? No matter where it is, be it ocean, desert, jungle, prairie, or mountain, it’s easy to behold the miracle of nature if only you open your senses to it.

Think of the myriad of gifts that nature provides and asks nothing in return. Imagine walking down a forest trail and smelling the pine trees on the wind and the decaying ground litter on the forest floor; or the way an eagle seeks out thermals and floats in the sky as she seeks out prey; or how sunlight sparkles in snowflakes, then filters through trees and throws shadows on the snow-covered rocks below; how about the sound of a raging creek echoing off the walls of a gorge it cut more than a million years ago.

The miracle of life is everywhere around us. It’s in everything we see, smell, hear, taste and touch. It’s so sad that we’ve forgotten how to appreciate her. Somewhere along the line, we convinced ourselves that expressing our gratitude for these gifts was unimportant. We got too busy.

Our Governance

It’s also sad that our system of social order… that which we trust to perform in our best interests and provide ethical leadership in pursuit of our goals, has itself lost its way. Our governance has become subverted to the extent where we as the dominant species, the self-proclaimed ‘most intelligent organism’ on our planet, have stopped acting in our own best interests for long term survival.

While many children and young adults still appear to remain hopeful and determined regarding the future of the planet, most adults over 30 have become so indoctrinated into the maladjusted paradigms of our society that many have completely lost sight of what is truly important.

I don’t believe it’s because we no longer care as much as it is we’ve been anesthetized by the media to concern ourselves with so many more redundant issues. 
It’s very convenient that our televisions are indoors away from the beauty and stimulation of the outdoors. It makes it very easy to sit on the couch, watch TV and ignore the seemingly countless disasters that are perpetrated on our environment every day. We’ve either become very well insulated from or adjusted to the insanity.

The Media

We need not over-deliberate whether a conspiracy exists, or rather if it’s a slightly more innocent by-product of corporate manipulation to stimulate market growth. Whether we admit it or not, we’re being administered a daily anesthetic in the form of the media. We think nothing of sitting on the couch night after night and watching our favorite shows in our attempts to wind down from the stress of our day and escape its reality, even if only for a while.

At the same time, companies capitalize on their ability to bombard us with ads promoting products we don’t need. Trust me… if we needed them, they wouldn’t have to advertise them. How many ads have you seen for fruit and vegetables lately?

Do We have the Right

Every species on this planet, aside from our own, seeks to live in harmonious balance within its environment. It’s not like they get one environment and we get another. What we do to our environment, we do to theirs as well because they are one and the same. Why is it we consistently presume we have the inalienable right to forever alter or destroy the natural habitat of any ecosystem?

Global Market System

As the affluent, and therefore controlling population of the global community, our ability to purchase goods and services in the pursuit of what we’ve been lead to believe is a high standard of living, has not come without consequence. Capitalism in general, and more specifically, the formation of the structure we call corporations has inadvertently, or by design, caused a dangerous disconnect between us and our most basic and instinctive, natural goal… long term survival.

One Simple, Natural Formula

Since the singular, holistic goal of any living organism – including humans, should be to live in harmony with its environment, any question of governance should be weighed against that single goal. Furthermore, since there can be only one outcome when any issue is weighed against a single goal, it should be recognized there has never been a need to compete for governance. Each decision made will either be better or worse than the other for our environment.

It is such a beautifully simple formula really. It’s so simple that even whales get it… even dogs get it… baboons and mice and penguins get it. Bears and ants and butterflys and sloths… get it. So why is it that we no longer get it?

Capitalism – (including Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Etc.)


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All the social ‘isms’ are based on capitalism… they only differ in the extent to which government controls commerce but they all have to work together. The global capitalist system exposes our governance to the subversion of corporate profit through lobbying and candidate support.

Can anyone spell;
‘u-l-t-e-r-i-o-r  m-o-t-i-v-e’ ?

Corporations enjoy the same legal rights and freedoms as individuals but suffer none of the afflictions of an individual or any living thing so their decisions can, and often are in direct conflict with our long term survival. The directors of any corporation have but a single responsibility… to create profit for their shareholders. Therefore, they must adopt a completely unnatural doctrine for decision-making relative to actual living beings. That seemingly insignificant distinction provides the basis for a catastrophic derailment of cause and effect where our environment is concerned. Corporations aren’t real beings so how can they care?

For those reasons, our system of governance fails our environment. We desperately need a new system or we need to throw a lifeline to the one we have NOW.

We are the problem

While it has been very convenient to blame the government, the media, and the economic system, the responsibility lies with all of us. Individuals have an enormous impact on the global environment when considered as a whole. Yes, corporate polluters do much damage as well but all it takes is public pressure to create the necessary shifts in regulatory policies to end the abuses. If people take up the challenge and truly work to make a difference, the impact they will have will be nothing short of amazing. We must not allow ourselves to believe for a moment that our single voice can not make a difference. All we need is collective will to make the necessary changes.

What Can We Do?

I urge you to subscribe to my blog. I can provide you with information on the vitally important issues we are now facing. By becoming part of a larger community and asserting ourselves on these issues, our voices will be heard by policy makers. Believe me, you’ll feel great just knowing you’ve done the right and ethical thing for our world.

… just so you know.

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