We Are at a Dangerous Crossroads

The way I see it, we can either work hard to solve our climate crisis NOW with tools that are already at our disposal, or we can stand idly by while the ignorant, rich elite continue to unwittingly engineer the downward sprial of environmental degradation. The earth is rapidly approaching a time when it will be unable to support life as we know it. We are not only experiencing the loss of clean air, earth, rivers and oceans, we are also losing biodiversity at a rate the world has not seen since the end of the dinosaurs.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

In terms of the GHG emmissions from coal-fired power generation plants as well as from global transportation, all indicators suggest we are dangerously close to a point of no return. The heat trapping effect of GHG cause even more CO2 to be released from peat bogs and the melting tundras. In fact, some of the world’s top climatologists suggest that we may have already past a tipping point.

Active or Inactive – Which are You?

Whether through activism or inactivism, your choice of which way we will proceed will be recorded in our history. Inactivity by its very nature suggests laziness. Long after our inability to survive the inhospitable conditions of our worsening climate, perhaps millenia from now we will be judged by future visitors to our planet as the species who were just too lazy to do anything about our seemingly genocidal ways. Or will we now stand up and demand a more intelligent outcome? Will we band together to form the critical mass needed to tell our leaders in government and industry that we will no longer accept anything but a complete and full commitment to do whatever it takes to save our planet?

Too Much at Stake to Give Up

I, for one, refuse to give up the fight for my heritage, my home, the most beautiful planet in the solar system. One only needs to go for a walk in a fall forest, with all its crimson and golden glory… or feel the light mist on your face from an ocean breeze on a summer day… or delight in the aromatic bliss eminating from a meadow of spring wildflowers. These miraculous little gifts we recieve daily should be our reminders that the earth in all her beauty is worthy of no less than our very best efforts to maintain her balance, her pristine and bountiful nature. We should hold in highest regard, her resources and take the utmost in care when considering our own impacts on her. We must realize that what we do to her, we do to ourselves for we are one with her and she, one with us. Instead, we treat her like our garbage dump. We plunder her resources as if we were outside of her reaches and there were no consequences. We seem blinded when we pollute her groundwater and soils… thinking that somehow, our poisons won’t ever come back to haunt us.

unequivocal \ adj ; leaving no doubt ; clear

Anyone who has been even remotely interested in the scientific truth… the unequivocal last word in climate change, will already know that the controversy is over. Climate change is happening and we’re causing it. Period.

Over the past 20 years, four exhaustive reports produced for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) by over 2000 of the world’s top climate scientists have conclusively confirmed our role in global warming.

What’s Stopping Us?

The sad reality that prevents the achievement of critical mass on this issue is the fact that small pockets of mostly profit-based interest groups like the oil and gas industries spend millions of dollars to corrupt scientists willing to promote thier pseudo-science message to challenge small, insignificant pieces of research found in the IPCC reports, take them out of context and shout from the rooftops to anyone who will listen. The aim of course is to create the illusion that a controversy still exists. They know that if the scientific community still appears undecided about the issue, people in general can’t and won’t be able to vote with confidence either way on the issue, therefore making it easier for the oil companies to continue to reap their government sanctioned profits.

Who’s Got the Money?

Sadder yet is the fact that oil companies have always had more money than scientists or activists to throw at expensive propaganda campaigns so even though we might have a large number of scientists and enlightened environmentalists on one side yelling to stop the insanity, you have a few of the rich elite who will engineer all the opposition needed to sufficiently slow the shift in public opinion and the resulting loss of critical mass.

Good News

There has been much bad news in the fight to right the wrongs perpetrated on the environment in the name of profits. Fortunately, there is also lots of good news and there is a definite shift in popular opinion of late. The word is getting around and it is up to us to make certain that everyone is as knowledgeable as possible on the issues. Once we have achieved critical mass, we will enjoy all the political clout needed to create policy changes and give much needed tax breaks and other incentives to the alternative energy communities. Wind, Solar and Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) all show almost unlimited potential and with proper investment into these technologies, we could stop burning coal to fire electrical generation plants and take all fossil-fuel burning vehicles off the road. Another good thing is that as fossil fuels get more and more expensive, alternative energies get cheaper and cheaper.

We NEED to do this. We HAVE to do this. And we have to do it NOW.

In the next few days and on a separate blog entry, I will provide many sources for people to research for themselves, the issues, the facts and the desired conclusions. They will include links to the massive (don’t say I didn’t warn you) reports on the status on the environment. If you only observe the consideration, the structure and the magnitude of these reports, you will see that this issue is not taken lightly nor is there any room for interpretation. It is definitive.

Opinions vs. Facts

Be clear – it’s alright for you to have your own opinion but it is unacceptable for you to have your own facts. The facts are there for you to read. All I ask is that you become passionate about your planet, your home, your future, your children’s futures. Educate yourself about the most dangerous challenge that humanity has ever faced.

Seize The Opportunity

Also, please don’t allow the fear of what could be to paralyze you from action. Instead, see this as our incredible opportunity to divert from catastrophe. Be a part of the solution. Act on your emotions and convince others to do the same. If we don’t all stop and talk to our friends and families about this most important issue in an effort to cause massive social, political and environmental change, we won’t have any excuses when we realize it’s too late for us to do anything about it.

… just so you know.

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