Oct. 25, 2010 – Hello World

I originally started this blog and named it Green A.E.R.O. in an attempt to add momentum in the fight against global climate change. Green A.E.R.O. was my acronym for Green Air, Earth, Rivers and Oceans and as such, I’ll be posting about any subject I feel might help in our struggle to recover the health of the earth as a holistic, balanced system. Issues regarding clean energy, plant and animal biodiversity, natural resource conservation, human impact management, and air, land and water quality will provide the focus of this blog.

My Appreciation for the Environment

My passion for the environment started when I was very young. From the age of four, I remember enjoying the relative freedoms that were still prevalant in the mid-sixties. I would roam the backwoods of the small town in which I was raised and quickly discovered a deep appreciation for the natural order of things.

I was lucky that I was lead through my first years of school by some very outdoorsy type teachers. They took us on numerous field trips to the ponds, marshes and even the outdoor skating rink that meandered through the trees in old man Milsap’s back forty. Back then, we learned all about trees and bugs and other forest critters which no doubt is where my innate sense of curiosity for nature comes from.

Once we had a television, I began to revel in shows like the National Geographic Specials and eventually, The Undersea Adventures of Jaque Cousteau and The Nature of Things with David Suzuki. I was becoming an incurable environmentalist without imagining those words. All I knew was that I was fascinated by, and loved the world I was growing up in.

Who Would Do That?

Now, as it was then, if I learn of an offshore oilspill or about the unleashing of Growth Hormones or GMO foods on an unsuspecting public, I became angry. Why would an individual or corporation do this to the environment and to humanity? The answer of course is money. This lack of reverence for the environment and human health is born of greed, laziness and a gross negligence in the form of a lack of knowledge. It’s very sad really that we learn more about buying TVs, radial tires and that good ol’ Chevron with Techron from the media than we do about how to care for the environment while we’re in school. And yet, our ability to live in the environment sustainably is the only subject of any real importance.

I realize that you perhaps didn’t benefit from the same small-town upbringing that I did. If you grew up in the city, you may never have developed any kind of appreciation for the natural world and its beautiful web of intracasies. It’s never too late to start caring.

You Have a Choice

I challenge you to feel your connection to all things in this world. Start to think about the effects your choices have on the earth’s resources. Do whatever you can whenever you can to improve the state of the environment. Start in your own little world and go from there. All we can do is all we can do and no one is ever perfect.

We’re All Hypocrites to Some Degree

One thing I’ve had to admit to myself after having chosen to go down this road is that all self-proclaimed environmentalists are hypocrites. We all have to get around somehow so on occasion, we use polluting vehicles. We don’t all eat locally grown diets. Hopefully, we all do our best to lessen the effects of plastics in our environment but we’re probably all guilty of buying things packaged in plastic.

My point is that we can eventually create change through effective and constant lobbying and simply with our buying decisions. We can send very powerful messages to any company wishing to sell us goods. For instance, if we could convince GM that we want the electric car back (Who Killed the Electric Car), then we will get our electric car back.

I partially excuse my hipocritical ways with the thought that I personally didn’t choose to shelve the electric car. Instead, I would have chosen more significant tax incentives and rebates to drive sales quickly. I would choose to get my power from geothermal, wind and solar sources but the governments are moving so slowly on those fronts that I don’t get to make that choice… yet. The good news is that the technology exists to power all our energy needs without using another drop of oil… ever. All we need is the collective will to implement it.

Join Me

Please subscribe at the bottom of this page and help me to amass a loud and unified voice to lobby more effectively for urgent policy and regulatory shifts. We need to abandon our oil driven economy now. What is most obscene isn’t the desire for profits that drive the oil companies – although they’re certainly a close second… it’s the greed that blinds the rich elite at the very top of our monetary system from the fact that ‘you can have an environment without an economy but you can’t have an economy without an environment’. This arrogance and ignorance is causing the most dangerous challenge that mankind has ever faced. It isn’t from wars, famine or disease. It’s simply blind greed.

I will try to post regularly and on whatever makes my blood boil the most on any given day. I find this pursuit both challenging and rewarding. I used to stick my head in the sand, so to speak regarding my activist tendencies and that just brought about depression. I feel that as long as I share my passion for the environment, I’ll be doing something positive. With your help, we can make a significant and positive impact and this will be my legacy. Please make it our legacy.

If you like anything I write or feel inspired to help out, I’d love to hear from you. I’d like to know that what I’m doing is making a difference.

Good luck to you in your own quest to make the world a better place to live. Be brave… this is not a popular subject with some people but never give up fighting for what you know is right, good and true.

… just so you know.

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