Miscellaneous Links

As promised in my last blog entry, this is a start to a list of links I’ve found in my quest to realize new perspectives about our environment and the plight of the millions of species trying to survive in it.

Whether you’re just beginning to expand your environmental and social awareness, or you’re a journeyman student of life and nature, I invite you to consider the ideas encompassed in these links. If they become your truths, I’m glad to have pointed the way. If you are challenged by them, I hope you’ll continue your path to your own truth for all information is serial. What is considered truth one day is discarded as outdated the next.

We constantly evolve our own paradigms and must make our decisions on what we feel is just and right. I suggest to everyone that our thinking has been stuck in an outdated and dying paradigm far too long now. It is becoming clear that those who would ‘dumb us down’ in the interest of our continued obedience to an unsustainable system are being unmasked. It is our duty as the dominant species on this planet to snap ourselves out of our media-induced stupor and not only recognize the wrongs that are being perpetrated by the utterly maniacal rich elite, but now act with unyielding will to divert the seemingly catastrophic future that lay before us.

Question Everything

My hope is that a dilligent consideration of the information in these links and many more like it will prompt you to become part of a critical mass for change. Question everything… ignore it at your own risk and our collective peril. Remeber too that you are entitled to your own opinion however, you are not entitled to your own facts. Educate yourself… read and discover.

An Open Mind Leaves All Options Open

I would like to add that the total information contained in these links don’t necessarily represent my own beliefs. It does however, have information I found at the very least, to be thought-provoking. I think it is most important for us to maintain an open mind about these critical issues. We must understand the solutions to each of them may come from directions we normally might not have considered. We must be ready to recognize information for its possible value to our betterment.

I will add to this list as I discover more. Please let me know if any of the links become inactive or don’t work for you.


Climate Change

The David Suzuki Foundation

The Earth Institute – Solutions for Sustainable Development

Al Gore’s site Raising Awareness about Climate Change

An Inconvenient Truth

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Greenpeace Canada Site

Planet 100 – Daily News on the Planet

Oil – Don’t Look at the Man Behind the Curtain

$73M Donated by Oil Company to Skeptic Groups to Spread Misleading Information on Climate Change

Video Protesting Oil Pipeline in BC

This is the Controversial Video BP and Big Oil Don’t Want You to See!

Oil Dispersant Sprayed from Large Air Tankers Forces Oil to Sink Through the Water Column so the Effects Aren’t as Noticeable

Wildlife Atrocities

The Cove – Ric O’Barry’s Film Detailing the Slaughter of Dolphins in Japan

Blue Voice – Saving Dolphins and Whales Worldwide

Captain Paul Watson’s Sea Sheperd Conservation Society

Technological Advancements

Zeitgeist Global Website (Please Join)

2008 Review of Honda’s FCX Fuel Cell Vehicle

Evacuated Tube Transport Technology (references to The Venus Project)

Good News in Food Production

Envirolicious is a Grassroots Organization Specializing in Soil Remediation for Urban Agriculture. Sustainable living. Food security. Community development.

… just so you know.

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