How Do You Feel About the Environment

I woke this morning to the wonderful sight of snow falling (on my freshly shoveled driveway). Yes, winter is here early this year it seems. As I sat at my computer with my first cup of coffee, I realized I had experienced a real life epiphany overnight. Not just your run of the mill kind of epiphany either.

Jiddu Krishnamurti May 12, 1895 - Feb 17, 1986

No, with recent inspirations from, among others, Rhonda Byrnes’ – ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Power’ as well as from Jiddu Krishnimurti’s 1929 Dissolution Speech, I’ve come to realize I’ve been the tail wagging the proverbial dog, so to speak. Some of you may identify with what I’m about to share. For those of you who don’t and who might think ‘too airy-fairy, too hocus-pocus’, I challenge you to bear with me a few moments.

To illustrate, I’ll point to my past blogs and admit to you that I started this endeavor in an attempt to bring to light, information on some of the most critical issues regarding our species’ continued survival. I thought by sharing my intensely bad feelings about corrupt or worse yet, non-existent environmental stewardship, I could get others to feel badly too, furthering my crusade to assemble critical mass where sound reforms are concerned.

Only Positive is Positive

The error of that thinking, as I’ve come to understand, is that you can’t correct a negative situation by focusing all of your attention on that negative thing or by feeling badly about it. Nothing of any positive value ever came about by feeling badly about its opposite outcome. Positive change is a result of nothing more than focusing on, and feeling good about a positive outcome. It’s really a beautifully simple formula and when I take the full measure of my life’s experiences and test them against this way of thinking, I know that it’s right. I challenge you to do the same. If you’re still in doubt, I hope you’ll be curious enough to track down a copy of Rhonda Byrne’s books. Though many may find the concepts a bit too ethereal, I believe if given your unbiased consideration, you’ll agree with them. It’s not so much ‘what you see is what you get’ as it is ‘what you think is what you’ll see’. In other words, feel strongly about what you want in your life and you will see it… no matter what.

Analogy 101

This might seem like I’m skirting the real environmental issues… it may seem to some that I’m climbing out of the trenches where a lot of important work is done. I submit that there are two ways to approach the issues facing us right now. We can stand by the elephant’s ass and clean up every time he poops or we can lead him to the elephant box where his poop belongs and maybe we can put him on a diet so he doesn’t poop as much. Since I only got a ‘C’ in Analogy 101, I’m hoping you get my point.

Moving Forward

I am a product of my environment and my upbringing like everyone else. Unfortunately, I have habitual ways of thinking… like everyone else. However, on a moving forward basis, I’ll strive to focus on the positive goals we need to achieve rather than the negative situations that currently plague us. I can’t convey how important I believe it is to imagine… to see the life and the realities we want for our future… to see a clean environment without the need for oil… to feel good about the steps we’re taking to get there. When we do this, the negative will eventually fall to the wayside and become less and less prevalent in our society. The speed at which this happens depends solely on how intensely we feel and imagine our ideal future.

Leadership & Search for Truth

Other worthy considerations are Leadership and the Search for Truth. As an amateur writer and an individual of some vision, I’m surprised, albeit with gratitude, that I’ve already been faced with the proposition of leading a club, organization or society to pursue the lofty environmental stewardship goals we all aspire to. Though I’m honored that anyone would even suggest such a thing, I must say that this venture is simply my personal search for truth. Truth in what is and what can be if we all focus our efforts to achieve it. There are many people who will view the information I post as truth and will hopefully be motivated to act on solutions. Others will dismiss it because it doesn’t fit their sense of truth… and that’s ok. We have to realize that there are few absolute truths in this world. There are immutable physical laws but beyond that, who among us is qualified to judge for another?

In science, much of what was believed to be truth a hundred years ago, is considered nonsensical today. We’re all scientists in a way. Life is an ongoing experiment… we observe the world as it presents itself to us. We see that for every action, there is a reaction. How any event is recorded in someone’s mind helps them to form their truth and the truth is always evolving. As such, I’m not here to tell anyone they’re wrong. I’m simply putting information out there and if someone feels that information fits their sense of truth, I’m happy for it. If on the other hand, I compel someone to research an issue further because they don’t believe me or the ideas I’m suggesting, then that’s good too. Educate yourself. Don’t take anyone’s word as truth. Question everything.

Oilsands… Tell Harper You Don’t Want Them

If I can wrap up with a slightly more tangible thought… please question the Alberta Tarsands Project. It is perhaps the most critical issue facing Canadians at the moment. The social and health ramifications are enormous. Contact your MP and PM Harper and tell them what you think. Help stop this project before it goes any further. Add your voice to alternative energy solutions becoming the new key to Canada’s economy. Hey, it’s windy up in Fort MacMurray. Anyone have a few million to install some wind turbines up there?

… just so you know.

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