Is This Yours?

Oh… Excuse me… Yes, you!!

I think you must have lost this. It’s in pretty rough shape but don’t worry, I’ve seen this before and these things polish back up very nicely. You really have to start looking after it now that you’ve got it back, ok?

WHAT IS IT, you ask?!! Oh my goodness. Has it been so long that you don’t even recognize it? I’m afraid we’ve got some work to do and you’re going to need some help. That’s ok. I’ll help steer you in the right direction. Stop me if you have any questions alright? It’s very important to me that you get this.

This… this thing of yours that I found neglected, abused and forgotten… is your connection to what is important in life.

It’s ok… not to worry. Almost without exception, anyone growing up with prolonged exposure to our modern media and culture lose their connections too. The first step is in understanding and accepting how this happened and more importantly, in how to reconnect to what is important. So, first step…


In order to even begin to understand the level to which we’ve disconnected from what is important, it is imperative to have an open mind. That single concept of an open mind is, without question, the most difficult thing for people to achieve. Our belief system today is deeply rooted in generations of influence and manipulation from media and culture, both of which were born of man’s imagination and brought into existence by man’s will and determination.

To plant a seed for future discussion, media and culture started mankind down a long path of considering and caring for his own creations. But first, let’s talk about…

Media & Capitalist* Economics

We will skip the early era of caveman’s paintings and stories on cave walls. Although they must be considered the birth of media, they merely reflect man’s observance of the natural world around him and have no inference of manipulation or coercion to an ulterior motive.

We’ll start at the time when the printing press was brought into existence because capitalism had also begun to strongly affect the way the world would continue to develop from that point on.

As ever-evolving animals, man had increasingly been moving about the world in search of greater opportunities for food, water, shelter, territory and mating rights, etc. At the same time, we became increasingly competitive and violent amongst ourselves and particularly against non-transient, native populations who were far less competitive and living more harmoniously within their environments. It was a natural inclination then that more transient populations adopted such a competitive economic system.

Our awareness of media’s ability to mold public perception grew right alongside our need to be increasingly competitive within a failing system. In the midst of ever more desperate economic times, our ethics and principles began to suffer as they are the first casualties of a desperate economy. Our economic system’s failure is due to its reliance on the assumption of sustainable growth. To say it was naïve to believe, in a world inhabited by almost 7 billion people, that growth can continue forever is the definition of understatement. For proof, one needs only consider the earth’s human population took tens of thousands of years to reach 3 billion people and only another 50 years to reach 6+ billion. Aside from that…

Our economic system has produced social stratification, starvation, oppression and misery through contracted slavery for all. A new paradigm is required to free humanity and the planet from this outdated and destructive system.

The very good news is that there are scores of enlightened academics, special interest groups, societies and institutions who are working tirelessly to chart a new course and move us away from the destructive path we’ve been on.

* For the purposes of this discussion, capitalist simply refers to all of the social economic systems that are prevalent in the world – socialism, communism & capitalism. They are all based on capitalism and essentially, only vary in the degree to which the state controls commerce.

Permaculture – Live Simply so that Others may Simply Live.

The three precepts of Permaculture, as defined by the originators of the Permaculture concept are; Care of Earth, Care of People, and Fair Share.

Permaculture is a system of domestic and social design which integrates strategic housing and landscaping, least use of materials, least pollution output, and conservation of natural resources. It focuses both on the production side of the equation… how to provide resources for humanity, and the consumption side… how to most efficiently use those resources.

For more information and a three part YouTube video presentation, visit David Holgren Interview.

As you go through your day, try to recognize opportunities to improve your quality of life and at the same time care for our planet. There are many other uplifting ideas and presentations available on our website to help you. I encourage you to come back often and learn more about how you can contribute towards a clean and sustainable future for ourselves, for our children and for generations to come.

… just so you know.

1 Response to Is This Yours?

  1. Al Truss says:

    Chasing around the web trying to discover what happened to SWM, after having driven by an empty, closed shop yesterday, led me to The Bentley BMW posting you initiated, and then your link here.

    I’m so glad I had this opportunity to see a little deeper into who you are, and what’s important to you James. Always knew you were a sharp guy with more than M/C sales and happy customers on your mind. Sharing the same 50 years of occupancy, but not yet the maturity of retrospective thought, I like where you’re heading with this and will endeavour to tune in and follow along.

    Look forward to seeing you when the new shop is unveiled.

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